Lucky Lips

{t:Lucky Lips}
{st:Cliff Richard}

#Lucky Lips: Cliff Richard
#Top of the charts in '63.
When [E]I was just a baby, I didn't [B7]have many toys,
but my mama used to say,'Son, you got [E]more than other boys.'
Now, you [E7]may not be good looking, and you [A]may not be too
but you'll [B7]never ever be alone, cause you've got lucky

Lucky [E]lips are always kissing, lucky [B7]lips are never blue,
lucky lips will always find a [E]pair of lips so true.
Don't need a four-leaf [E7]clover, rabbit's [A]foot or good luck

with [B7]lucky lips you'll always have a baby in your [E]arms.

Now, I [E]never get heartbroken, no, I [B7]never get the blues,
and if I play the game of love, I [E]know I just can't lose.
When they [E7]spin that wheel of fortune, all I [A]do is kiss my

and I [B7]know I'm bound to win, yeah, cause I've got lucky

CHORUS: (x2)