Ain't She Sweet

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{t:Ain't She Sweet}
{st:Frank Sinatra}

[G6]Ain't[Cm7-5] she sw[D9]eet?[D7]  See her [G6]walking [Cm7-5]down the str[D9]eet?[D7]

Now I [G]ask you [B7]very [E]confid[E7]entially, a[A7]in't [D7]she swe[G]et?   [D7]

[G6]Ain't[Cm7-5] she ni[D9]ce? [D7]  Look her [G6]over [Cm7-5]once or t[D9]wice[D7].

Now I [G]ask you [B7]very [E]confid[E7]entially, a[A7]in't [D7]she nic[G]e?


[GM7]Just [G7]cast an e[C]ye [C/B]     [Am7]    in[Edim] her dir[G]ection --[Am7]      [G]

[GM7]Oh  [G7]me, oh m[C]y, [C/B]    [Am7]   ain't [Edim]that perf[G]ec[Gdim]tion? [Am7]     [D7]

[G6]I    [Cm7-5] re  -  p[D9]eat,[D7]   don't you [G6]think she's[Cm7-5] kind of sw[D9]eet?  [D7]

Now I a[G]sk you v[B7]ery c[E]onfide[E7]ntially, a[A7]in't [D7]she swe[G]et?


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