Blue eyes cryin in rain

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{t:Blue eyes cryin in rain}
{st:Willie Nelson}

[E]In the twilight [A]glow I [E]see her
[B]Blue eyes cryin' in the [E]rain
[E]When we kissed good-bye [A]and [E]parted
I [B]knew we'd never meet [E]again

[A]Love is like a [D]dying [A]ember
[E]Only memories re[B7]main
[E]through the ages [A]I'll re[E]member
[B7]Blue eyes crying in the [E]rain

[A]Someday when we meet [D]up [A]yonder
[E]We'll stroll hand in hand a[B7]gain
[E]In the land that knows [A]no [E]parting
[B7]Blue eyes crying in the [E]rain.
[B7]Blue eyes crying in the [A]rain.[A/Ab][A/F#][E][Esus][E]

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