Cover of the Rolling Stone

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{t:Cover of the Rolling Stone}
{st:Dr. Hook}
[A]Well we are big rock singers
we've got golden fingers
and we're loved everywhere we [E]go,               
we sing about beauty and we sing about thruth   
[E7]at ten thousand dollars a [A]show;                 
we take all kind of pills
to give us all kind of thrills,                 
but the thrill we've never [D]known,               
is the [E]thrill that'll get you                  
when you get your picture
on the cover of the Rolling [A]Stone               
    [A]Rolling [E]Stone -
    wanna see my picture on the cover
    [A]wanna buy five copies for my mother
    [E]wanna see my smilin' face
    on the [D]cover of the Rolling [A]Stone                
[A]I've got a freaky lady
name o' Cocaine Katy
who embroiders on my [E]jeans,
I've got my poor old gray-haired Daddy,
[E7]drivin' my limou[A]sine
Now it's all designed
to blow our minds
but our minds won't really be [D]blown,
like the [E]blow that'll get you
when you get your picture
on the cover of the Rolling [A]Stone
[A]We got a lot of
little blue-eyed, teenage groupies
who do anything we [E]say,
we got a genuine Indian guru,
who's [E7]teachin' us a better [A]way,
we got all the friends
that money can buy,
so we never have to be a[D]lone,
and we [E]keep gettin' richer
but we can't get our picture
on the cover of the Rolling [A]Stone
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