Englishman in New York

{t:Englishman in New York}
[G]I don't drink [A]coffee I take [Bm7]tea my dear
[G]I like my [A]toast done on the [Bm7]side
[G]And you can hear it in my [A]accent when I [Bm7]talk
I'm an [G]English[A]man in New [Bm7]York
[G]See me [A]walking down Fifth [Bm7]Avenue, [G]a walking [A]cane here at my [Bm7]side
[G]I take it [A]everywhere I [Bm7]walk, I'm an [G]English[A]man in New [Bm7]York


O-[G]ho I'm an [A]alien, I'm a legal [Bm7]alien
I'm an[G] Englis[A]hman in New[Bm7] York
O-[G]ho I'm an [A]alien, I'm a legal [Bm7]alien
I'm an [G]English[A]man in New [Bm7]York

[G]If "manners [A]maketh man" as [Bm7]someone said
[G]Then he's the [A]hero of the [Bm7]day
[G]It takes a [A]man to suffer [Bm7]ignorance and smile
Be [G]yourself no [A]matter what they [Bm7]say ->Refrain

[D]Modesty, propriety can [A]lead to no[A7]toriety
[Bm7]You could end up as the only [F#]one
[G]Gentleness, sobriety are [A]rare in this society
At [G]night a candle's brighter than the [Bm7]sun

[G]Takes more than [A]combat gear to [Bm7]make a man
[G]Takes more than [A]license for a [Bm7]gun
[G]Confront your [A]enemies, a[Bm7]void them when you can
A [G]gentleman will [A]walk but never [Bm7]run

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